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From Thank-Cyu - How to keep up with Mon-Mon -”


venue and date : Nagoya Citizens Gallery Yada, Nagoya, 2011

planning :           Sayako Oguri

organizers :        Fan de Nagoya Art Exhibition 2011

                          / Nagoya City Cultural   Promotion Agency


photo: Kunihiro Ono



展 覧 会 企 画

“From Thank-Cyu - 山中から・もんもんとのつきあいかた -”



企画:女子(30) / 小栗 沙弥子






From Thank-cyu −How to deal with Monmon–


This exhibition is the one, which displays daily “tsukurimonos [fabrications]” by youth (junior high school students) who live in “thank-cyu” [*word-playing with “san-chu”, meaning “in the mountains”] of Tono, Gifu, and an art teacher (30-year-old, female) of their school.


Lunch break, the art room, in the mountains.

Brief break time of 20 minutes. 

A few youth, who don’t either play soccer on the ground or enjoy chit-chatting in the classroom, gather up in the art room at the far end of hallway on the first floor.

They keep doodling conversation around a huge desk that I, a female (30 years old) occupy.

Unlike during class, they are relaxed and exchange mindless thoughts. However, they look a little introverted, somehow going discursively towards a certain mental state, Monmon

“What is this Monmon, wandering aroud here...”, I wonder. 

In the meantime, speakers play ABBA’s “Dancing Queen” relentlessly, to tell the end of break time.


Most of the time, the break time passes with such discursive chatting, but, in the art room with abandoned materials and tools, they started scrabbling on offcut papers or making objects with materials or leftovers from classes,

Some even brought such materials home to create things and later showed them to me, saying, “Such a piece has been done…” As years passed by spending such break times their “tsukurimonos[fabrications]”, too relaxed to be “works”, occupied one corner of the art room.

Like nameless daily dishes which are made of leftovers in the fridge, they are things arranged ad hoc, and finished with their own flavor topped with such seasoning words as “somehow it turned out to be like this” or “it might have been better with what’s-it’s-name…”


One day, looking at such carefree “tsukurimonos”, I came to an idea.

The Monmon emerging out of those students and me during the lunch break: it is not clear whether they come from unsolved simultaneous equations, a friend’s words of the previous day or mysterious events of the world, but we might make those “tsukurimonos”, show them and comment on them, to try to resolve such anguish. And doing so, we deal with it rather well.

From this experience, I have organized this exhibition and give it the subtitle “how to deal with Monmon”.


I usually make my works mainly with found objects or frivolous things. In terms of the reaction to simple materials and familiar objects, I have much sympathy to the students’ interesting move and to simple presence of their fabrications. These charming “tsukurimonos” cannot be measured by class requirement such as technique, perfection, and achievement. It was an exciting experience to exhibit those not only in Thank-cyu [in themountains], but also in the exhibition room in Nagoya and look at them with visitors, with my own “tsukurimonos” (sometimes called “works”) next to them.

To make something and commit through it is, “art”, and is very important and happy action, indeed. I could reconfirm so through the exhibition.


                                                                                                    Sayako Oguri, female(30)

                                               Organizer of From Thank-cyu –How to deal with Monmon−




From Thank-cyu ~山中から・もんもんとのつきあいかた~


この展覧会は、岐阜県東濃山中に住む若者( 中学生 )数人と、彼らの中学校で美術を担










そうこうしているうちに容赦なくスピーカーから流れる、ABBAの「Dancing Queen」。



ほとんどはそんな昼休みなのですが、材料や道具には事欠かない美術室、いつからか手元では落書きをはじめ、有るもの(主に授業で余ったもの)を用いて、それぞれが何やら作り始めるようになりました。見つけた材料を持ち帰り、家でせっせとこしらえ、「こんなのできたけど」と持ち寄る人もありました。こんな昼休みを過ごすこと数年、美術室の一角が、彼らの”つくりもの” ー作品”と呼ぶにはあまりに力が抜けているー”で占領されてゆきました。それらは、冷蔵庫のありあわせで出来上がった、特に料理名も定まらないお惣菜のように適当な体裁で、「なんかこうなっちゃって」とか、「あれがなかったもんで」などという、一緒に添えられた少々の言い訳をもスパイスにしながら、自分のさじ加減でできあがった品々です。






技術や完成度、達成感といった言葉(授業では自ずと求められるようなこと)では計れない彼らの魅力的なつくりものを、山中のみならず、名古屋市内の展示室で多くの鑑賞者と共に見ることができたこと、 自分のつくりもの(時に作品と呼ばれる)と共に並べられたことは刺激的な経験でした。




     From Thank-cyu ~山中から・もんもんとのつきあいかた~  企画者  女子(30) / 小栗沙弥子



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"Do you need money" "Yes"